Hiring the Best Staff for Your Restaurant

The food service industry is one that involves a lot of personal relations.  Hiring a good staff is one of the most crucial steps when starting your restaurant. It could make or break a restaurant, no matter how good the ambience, the facilities, or the location. The recruitment process in a restaurant is very tedious but fortunately human resource practitioners have provided tips that can help in hiring a good restaurant staff.

The recruitment process for a restaurant doesn’t start with the actual interview or even the posting of job advertisements. It begins with knowing what it is that the restaurant owner wants the staff to do. Having a general knowledge of what tasks are required of the crew helps create the job description which is crucial for advertising the job vacancy and for sifting through the pool of applicants. The job description need not to be too formal but it has to state in a clear manner the responsibilities of the position. They should also list important required credentials and skills that the applicants should have to at least be considered.

The next thing to do is devise a payment scheme. The services your potential employees will give you should be compensated accordingly. It is important to research the salary ranges in your area. For each position, you should set a range of salary because the pay also depends on the workers. It is important to match the salary with the qualification of those you hire. Take into consideration the inclusion of tips for certain jobs.

It is also important for you to create an application form. Applicants should provide you the information you need to know about them before you interview and hire them. Application forms make sure you get the information you need for a clearer evaluation of applicants and a better comparison with other prospective employees. While resumes may provide more in depth looks on applicants, they may lack specific information you might need to decide whether or not to hire someone. The application form can also serve as binding agreements for applicants to deliver what they report to deliver when you hire them. Application forms are signed for accuracy of information and you can use them to fire a person that doesn’t deliver as promised on the signed form. Application forms can also serve verification purposes to ensure that data from resumes are accurate and consistent.

The interview is perhaps the most crucial part of the hiring process as it has the biggest weight for your final decision. It is important to know that the interview may not be as accurate in predicting the actual performance of an employee as you might hope. There are applicants who shine in interviews with their speaking skills and confidence but don’t necessarily relate well with customers or stay loyal to you. Charisma can influence you and you should see through the veil of charm. To do this, you should ask questions that give you more objective information about the person. Ask about their interests and their backgrounds. Ask for specific incidents that give actual information about them. By the way they tell their experiences and interests, you may be able to see how they would relate with your customers. Though hypothetical questions will give you a glimpse as how creative the applicant may be, they aren’t actual incidents that will accurately predict the applicant’s behavior. You should also ask what the applicant’s expectations for the job are. This would show if the applicants understand the line of work well enough for you to consider hiring them.

You shouldn’t make the decision to hire right away. Give yourself time after the interviews before offering the job to anyone. It is important to consider all applicants and evaluate all their qualities and skills to come up with a decision. You should come up with a short list of at least five people ranked according to your preference since you can’t expect everyone to grab your offer immediately.

It is important to hire a good staff for any restaurant. With careful planning of job requirements and a payment system, plus thorough selection of applicants you are at least halfway to having a successful restaurant.