The right surveillance system, if installed properly, can protect your restaurant from all kinds of dangers within and external.


This is the most basic of all surveillance components. Attach them to any possible opening that a vandal or thief might make use of to sneak inside your restaurant. If the alarm is triggered, you can then use your surveillance system to monitor the area broken in and find the culprit without risking actual confrontation.

Alarms would also let you know whether people have gained unauthorized entry into private or classified areas like your kitchen, inventory or storage room, and personal office.


A restaurant is best protected if different types of surveillance cameras are used.

Outdoor cameras must be discreetly installed, if not hidden, to see what your employees are up to outside the restaurant during breaks. It must also be used to scan for prowlers that might cause potential trouble to your patrons. Outdoor cameras are different from indoor cameras so be sure you’ve purchased the right equipment for this area. They must be weather proof and have heavy-duty casing to withstand all kinds of damage.

All view angles of your preparation and serving area must be covered by your hidden and visible surveillance cameras. You may also use decoy or dummy cameras to mislead troublemakers. Full coverage will ensure that nothing escapes your notice. If your employees are conspiring against you, they may simply turn their backs against the camera and huddle to prevent you from seeing what they’re up to and ditto with customers who are looking for trouble.

All surveillance cameras must have backup power in case of power shortage. Customers could run out to escape the tab, but if your surveillance cameras are still working, they can continue recording video footage even while your restaurant is under the cover of darkness.

Make sure also that they have high built-in memory and external memory slots. Wouldn’t you hate running out of disk space just when you needed to capture an image or footage of a particular incident?

Lastly, a wireless network for your surveillance system is also a must. When you have an out-of-town trip, you won’t have to worry excessively about what’s going on back home because you can access your surveillance system online. Just input your login details and you’ll see with your own eyes if your customers are still leaving with a smile and a full belly.

The best restaurant surveillance systems are those equipped with all the necessary components and installed property. offers a wide variety of top quality security systems.